I went to see Arj Barker! *flails arms*

 He was sooo funny!
AND I met him after the show!

eeeeeeeeeee! He is so nice IRL.
He was very funny I laughed so much I cried! =D

He signed my Ticket!

ANNNNDDD I was waiting for my mother to pick me up and she would have been like 30 mins later.
But I'm Talking to my Boyfriend (Andrew) on the phone all of a sudden a car pulls up and winds down his window...
"Hey are you alright for a lift home?"
I'm so stoked that I say I'd be waiting for a while, He says: "Hop in we'll take you home"
So ... I did... >.< OMG....
The drive was surreal, they said I lived in a nice neighbour hood. 
Were shocked that I'm 20 not 16... (=_=;) And said I have a nice home... =D
 I naturally thanked them over and over bid them a nice night and got in the door.
My little Brother was like O_O and then I said "ARJ BARKER JUST DROVE ME HOME" 
He fangirl'd too. =D Very productive night I say!
Hope you're all well!

Haters Gonna Hate.

 "Why is it always elitist b****es who insist they are not elitist b****es? "I'm not an elitist"... BUT you must wear your hair like this, your makeup like this, bathe because God knows most people need you to tell them how to take a shower, and this is what you must say and this is how you must act to be accepted by lolitas. Seriously? You contradict yourself at every turn. So dense.."

*Sigh* You try and give 'em pointers and you end up being labeled an elitist. 
I mean seriously?
I've not received this from any other YT viewers. I thought I was being as nice as possible in an ugly grey area.
It's one thing to say "You're wrong because of this" and another to say "You're wrong and you're dense".
Why personally attack me? To affirm in your head that you're correct? *Shrug* You just seem like an immature idiot who got worked up over me saying "wear make up and do your hair when you wear lolita; it'll look nice. Even more so at a meet, the extra effort is nice."
I don't wear make up every day, I don't feel the need, but when I'm in lolita. I wanna go all out, I think it's nice.
It's like your neighbour's Lawn: It's none of your business, but it looks nice when it's tidy.
If you wanted my advice, I gave it to you. Please do not take it as if I think you're all ugly weaboos.
I was just giving general advice. =_= but of course.

Haters gonna hate.

*New* dresses! Review!

 Hello everyone!~
I haven't seen a review on this JSK yet so I figure I'll do one even though there has been MANY MANY posts about bodyline.

First off a nice big fat juicy *OMGTHANKYOUSOMUCH!* to my boyfriend who bought me these dresses while I was feelin' down.

So this morning, after my run, I notice a truck pull up infront of my house! DHL TRUCK! I rushed down stairs to meet him and pulled open the door just before he goes to knock. =3 He lol'd. "Must be your package eh?" =D
I sign for it blahblah and find scissors and a camera...

The package in all it's DHL glory!:



Print on the white dress:

Lace on the hem of the dress:

Really soft and not scratchy at all!

You get two detachable bows! I didn't expect TWO

White <3

Sax <3

I had a hot shower after my run, so I "steamed" the dresses while I was in there. *thumbs up*

WORN pictures! I love these, they're always so helpful!:

Bonus Selfies:

Price: $85 AUD shipped. 5/5
Shipping: FAST! 5/5
Service: 48 hours after my order was placed I got my tracking number. Everything went swimmingly. 5/5
Quality: 5/5!! Brill! I love the print! I love everything, I don't like the shinyish "corset" ribbon at the bust, but still I'm not fussed 85! BARGAIN, MANNN!

Hoped this helped sway your interest in this dress if you were thinking about purchasing it!
Thanks! Any questions you have I'll gladly answer as best as I can!



S'up LJ?

 I have had a shite weekend.
My mother borrowed my car because hers was at a mechanics.
She only wanted it for two days and promised to return it with a full tank of fuel.
So I said okay. (my mother and father are separated and my little brother, who is also the middle child lives with her)
Anyway I was one day off getting my car. The night before I'm supposed to get it back, my brother peter and his brain dead friend decide to take it for a joy ride.
They nearly T boned another car. Took it up a gutter and onto some pavement where it skidded on it's rims because he had managed to rip two tyres off completely.


Yeah. Well. I'm angry. More so because when my mother and some of her friends were trying to pull the car off the pavement and put it back in her driveway, Witnesses say that he stood there the whole time smiling as if it was so funny. Also I wasn't told by my mother OR Peter. We had to ring my mother on the afternoon that she was supposed to return it to find out. And even then I didn't get the full story, I only knew bits and pieces from friends about the accident. My Other little brothers (Level headed sane ones) saw Peter and his friends laughing about the whole thing as if it was one of those stupid things that was no big deal.
I hadn't received so much as a phone call, text message, email, Facebook message or even snail mail from either of them. What makes me go insane the most is the fact that I never thought they would do that to me.
I Thought they were *smarter* than that. Funnily enough!

According to mother who finally gave me a call last night (Four days AFTER the crash!) 
Peter doesn't want to face me, unless it's infront of a police station.
WELL! Set up the meet because I think the police would be empathetic on my part!

I cried about it to my boyfriend Andrew (who I only saw a week ago) and he was feelin' for me I guess because he did the only thing that made me feel a little better.

He bought me this bodyline dress in White & sax. O_O
He only ordered it recently so I don't have it yet but ghee whiz. I was speechless.

It's a tad shallow for me to be so happy to get some thing so material, but I really didn't deserve this treatment.
Especially from my own family. I love my family to bits and thats why I was so shocked by their actions.
I'm just hoping everything smooths out. 

On another note; my 21st is in December, I want a themed Party, So any ideas on themes???
Suggestions are much appreciated! I've had my own ideas, but having some outside input is awesome.
I'll love you forever if you help me out! xD
And if you wanna come you're welcome to stay at my house for the event/to visit me/ Tamworth (WHOO!)

Love Always,

Motivation? PPFT!

So I know I haven't done much updating..
I'm lazy is all.
any who.
Child care is done and dusted.
UNE has started and I'm already behind. D:
I have no idea how to work the freaking system.
stupid distance. what a bad idea!
I'm going to wagga on the 29th for Andrew's Birthday (he was at supanova with me)

Pretty excited about hanging out this weekend though!

The Fairy costume I made for a fancy dress party! I'm going to be one cold fairy!!

During the weekend I was at a wedding for my cousin, (I'm part Laos) so there was a Laos ceremony on the Friday morning, Vietnamese Tea ceremony on Saturday morning (the bride is Vietnamese) signage of papers about midday and then a reception in the evening! Phew!
Got to dress up in traditional Laos clothing. The skirt is called a Sinh (pronounced sin).

The blessing of the couple! T^T I'm so happy! =D

Niece and Nephew in traditional clothing! Making Grandma very proud, and every one else CLUCKY!

Just a fraction of my loud and dysfunctional family! (I'm the head between the bride and groom sticking her tongue out.)

At the reception. (my brother, Aunts and the younger two are my cousin's) I'm in the blue!

Me and my cousins!

the beautiful bride and groom!

Pretty much most of the night! So much dancing! The most fun had at a wedding ever!
The bride and groom know how to set the floor on fire!

so yeah! that's enough of me for now! Hope you liked my post okay!

love the cupcake_lolita